Update 10 - 11/15/1992

Getting ready for Release1

After a year of coding, brainstorming, developing, and polishing KoNOS, the team (with Wallace's strong suggestion) has decided to go ahead with testing of KoNOS Release1. This is one of those times that Wallace gets an "I told you so" laugh as the money and connections from our investors have made the QA process super easy. Speaking of, what're we testing? Well, KoNOS Release1 is a full version of KoNOS. Complete with a wide array of options, functions, and (of course) things to do with Konpyu-.
One thing I've been very shocked at is how well users have responded to a text-based navigation system. Competing operating systems have adopted a more skeuomorphic, digitally interactive design. As such, the team worried that testers would find the text-based interactions with Konpyu- outdated. However, KinderQuarters' mission of making the cyber world a personal place seems to have been proven valuable. Testers found interactions with Konpyu- extremely endearing and, due to Konpyu-'s ability to learn/adapt to users, never clunky or repetative.

Stay tuned for more information on Release1 right here, at KinderQuarters.com!

Update 11 - 11/27/1992


Testing of KoNOS Release1 has continued to run smoothly. However, one design feature has been shown to need more development; sharing KoNOS across multipule accounts on one copy.
KoNOS has always given users the ability to host multipule users on one host computer. As such files and Konpyu-stored information can be viewed across these accounts. But what if you want some things to be private? Well, we've come up with a way to lock content; admin access.
A user can now label files, Konpyu- commands, and even webpages as Admin Access Only. This means that, if you wish to access such content, you will need to enter an admin password (determined by the user). Failure to provide an adequate password will result in a lockdown.
Once in a lockdown state, KoNOS will limit access to features and give the back end full control of KoNOS. This means that, technically, we are putting your computer in the hands of Konpyu-. But, of course, you can regain full access to KoNOS by meeting the Full Access Requirements set by an admin user.

(This will, however, leave Konpyu- in control for an undetermined amount of time. More testing is required.)

Update 12 - 12/21/1992


After extensive testing, the team has decided to finalize code on Release1. We're happy with the finished product and are gearing up for launch. I, Mitchell Walker, personally want to thank everyone who has supported us financially or even just by word-of-mouth on message boards. And I know the rest of the team feels the same way. It's because all of you that we're no longer losers in a garage (Now we're losers in an office!) and that we're about to ship our OS nation-wide.

Thank you all so, so much. You keep KinderQuarters alive.

Update 13 - 1/5/1992

Wepsite upgrade

We finally did it. After promising and teasing it for the longest time, we finally updated our website. Just in time for the new year as well! I really hate to take all the credit, but I was the one to really push it to the front of our priorities. I figured that, with the launch of KoNOS Release1, a more professional website would really help sell us as a real company.

We did our best to emulate the console-based look of KoNOS within your browser. How'd we do? As always, give us some feedback.

Stay tuned for more!