Update 1

KoNOSv1 launches. (Yay!)
We launched KoNOS in a very basic state in order to gauge how users react to a humanoid computer program.

Update 2

KoNOSv2 launches to double the userbase!


-Added the ability for Konpyu- to remember user input.
-Added various new questions to database.
-Added an Ascii art logo to boot screen.
-Got rid of Wallace's B.O.
-Fixed issue where users would enter lockdown randomly.
-Fixed issue where (after answering a question) Konpyu- wouldn't return to "askMe" state.
-Swatted some bugs.

Update 3

Buckling down.

After getting a lot of feedback from the launch of KoNOSv2, the team has spent a lot of time thinking about the future.
We've decided against releasing KoNOS incrementally as it costs far too much due to production. Along with this,
Wallace has been pushing hard for investors. He says that KoNOS is much too big for what our garage allows and that we need to upscale the operation.
This means that (assuming we get interest from 3rd parties) the KinderQuarters website will be revamped and upscaled along with distribution of KoNOS going nation-wide.
Exciting times!

Stay tuned for more!