Our Team

The team here at KinderQuartersCO. is comprised of only three people!

Frederick Wallace

Frederick Wallace is a man with a strong belief in the World Wide Web. Who sees the future as an always-online, digital utopia. However, he also fears the potential for the internet to destroy inter-human relations. As such, he created KoNOS; a computer operating system completely guided and facilitated by Konpyu-, a virtual assistant.

Frederick Wallace started work on KoNOS one stormy night in 1992 after the completion of his first computer program; a human-age to dog-age convertor. Frederick felt that his convertor was too sterile and, as such, implemented a kind companion named Konpyu-, who would help you maneuver the convertor. This was the spark that led to the creation of KonderQuartersCO. and KoNOS.

Frederick is in charge of the KoNOS back-end. Meaning he's the one programming each and every function of KoNOS along with all of Konpyu-. (The way he talks about Konpyu-... you'd think it's his son or something!)

Samuel Stalking

Samuel Stalking (better known as Jetstream Sam) is a hard-working, no-frills, down-to-earth young man who is always pushing himself to finish anything in front of him (like a jet stream).

Sam started work at KinderQuarters as a gamble during his gap year after high school. But after falling in love with coding, he has decided to stay and see KoNOS to completion. (I'm sure the paychecks didn't have anything to do with it).

Sam works on the front-end of KoNOS. He's the one making everything pretty and usable. (He's also the one who made our logo!)

Mitchell Walker

Mitchell Walker is the one writing everything see on this website. I've always been big into computers and (as much as I joke) am really thankful to have an opportunity to put my love of this field to use.

I work mostly on KoNOS' front-end (whenever Sam lets me) and manage the website along with PR.