Our Team

The Founder

Our founder, Frederick Wallace, was a man captivated by a new form of digital technology; the World Wide Web.
After teaching himself to write computer software, Wallace's first project was a calculator. Not just any calculator, but a human-age to dog-age calculator.
The presentation of which was masked as a friendly computer bot. Who would later be know as Konpyu-. One little project after the other (all under Kon
jurisdiction) led to Wallace deciding to create a full OS (operating system).With a team of him, two old friends, and a garage KinderQuarters was

While Wallace firmly believes in the future of the World Wide Web, he fears it may, one day, leave humanity lost and alone. "That is the true mission of
KinderQuarters", he said. "We want to make sure that life as we know it doesn't doesn't stop in the wake of the web. Rather, we want life to grow with it."

The Other Guys

The "two old friends" Frederick Wallace brought with him to his cramped garage were:

Samuel Stalking

Samuel Stalking (more commonly refered to as "Sam"), is a fresh-out-of high school, wide-eyed kid who took a chance on coding during his gap year
(we'll see how it goes). Sam is a quick learner and a great team member.

Mitchell Walker

Mitchell Walker is me, the one writing all this text! I am definitly the best member of the team. Just don't tell Wallace! ;)