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Log 1

The investors are getting restless. I know you say you're working on something big, but they're on our asses. We can't keep delaying, but we have nothing to show them!

I know, I know. I just need more time.

What could possibly be so important as to jeopardize all we've worked for!?

The future Mitchell! Life will never be the same after this! Do you understand that? This isn't just about computers or investors anymore. It's the future of humanity!

Log End

Log 2

Hey man, Wallace said he's started work on a "major feature".

Oh cool. What's it all about? If it isn't too crazy I might be able to get started with front-end integration.

I honestly have no idea. He was actually kinda secretive about it.

That's... odd...

Log End

Log 3

Wallace, I'm in. After a lot of thought, I've decided I can take a gap year and try out this "earth-shattering" opportunity. You may be crazy, but there's this glint in your eye... I like it. I'll give you a chance.

You won't regret it. I promise.

Log End

Log 4

So, what do you think?

Well... it's a lot to take in. It seems so much more... alive.

I know, right!? He finally can really talk to you; work with you.

"He"? Come on man, it's not like it's actually alive.

Log End

Log 5

Wallace, you need to tell us what you're working on. We can't keep up on the KoNOS project if you withhold things from us.

I understand your frustration but-

Tell us or we walk.



He can speak now.


We don't need to enter responses anymore. He thinks for himself now.

Log End

Log 6

He's ready. Here's what you'll need to do for front-end integration.

This is a major overhaul... will we be able to meet the deadline?

Mitchell can help you with it.

And you?

He needs me.

Log End

Log 7

Great work guys. We finally did it. The nightmare of delays and excuses is over.

And whose fault were those?

Yeah, yeah. Listen, I'm really proud of you guys. I know how hard it's been. But I promise it will be worth it.

He's made a total 180 back to sanity.


Log End

Log 8

I can't believe he's gone. I mean... why...

It's best not to think about it right now. We have work to do.

Easy for you to say! you're a jet stream. When there's work to do you just burrow in it!

Listen! I do what I have to, ok? And you should too.

But this is different... He... He was talking to it before he...

Log End

Log 9

I found something. Something really... weird...

What could it possibly be?

It won't let us uninstall the OS.


It's like it doesn't wanna die. It's almost... fighting back; begging for its own life.

Mitchell, don't be like him. It isn't alive. It's code. Our code. You know how it works.

But it's so real...

Look, if you really want to honor him, you have to help me shut it down.

I know. I'll get back to work on that system-wide fix.

Log End

Log 10

What now?

I guess... we move on?

But it all feels so wrong.

Look, Microsoft is giving us good offers. Let's just forget all this. We don't have to be chained by him... or it.

Yeah... I guess...

Log End