About Us

KinderQuarters is a computing software company dedicated to providing users a convenient, smooth, and personal experience while in the cyber world.

Our Mission

Founded in 1992, KinderQuarters is a company built on the value of personal interaction. Our founder, Frederick Wallace, is a man captivated by the advent of the World Wide Web. However, he fears that, one day, computing technology will become so advanced and accessible that humans will feel an extreme sense of isolation due to a lack of personal, human interaction. As such, he sought to add a personal touch to the cyber world. He achieved this through the development of an "OS", or "operating system", known as KoNOS.

About KoNOS

KoNOS is a net-based OS that features a state-of-the-art companion bot named Konpyu- who will personally assist users as they perform computing tasks. Boasting a plethora of games, networking/computing abilities, and options, KoNOS will fulfill any and all needs of the user. All while keeping users connected to each other and their humanity.

About Konpyu-

Konpyu- is your personal assistant, guide through the cyber world, and (most of all) new best friend! Talk to him just as you would a human. We've programmed him to be as alive as possible. Konpyu- will ask you questions, play games with you, assist you in changing options, and much more! All while remembering and processing the information you feed him.